(Tired of Engineering and medical) Here’s what to do after class 12 th.

This is one of the biggest question

What should I do after 12th class? Where will I end up after highschool.

What are the best career options after highschool ?

This same question struck me a year before. I never wanted to be a engineer. After my results I had no idea what to do. Here are the options I went through and believe me they work and you will be happier than ever studying these courses.

Every teenager has this question in his mind . Not choosing a right career at the right time can mess with our life. So choosing the right option is one of the most important thing to do after class 12 th.

Let’s talk about the scenario in India we all know it either engineering or medical here. Many people don’t score good in entrances and they have no options to go forward with.

So this blog is for those people who want to know what are the various fields you can join after your highschool.

1. Fashion Design:

Yess . Fashion designing is a great career option to have. India has a severe rise when it comes to Fashion and fashion technology. Likewise you can have your own Designer like Manish Malhotra and Shane peackock.Many Indian fashion technicians now rank as top designers of the world.

These are some of india’s best Fashion designing institutions-

2. Bba in Banking Finance and Insurance:

Well haven’t you heard the term “hotshot investment banker” yes this are the same people who go for a degree in Bba. These degree has a very wide scope. Well who doesn’t like to play in money .

These are some of the top colleges:

3. Bba Aviation and Airline management:

In case you ever dreamed being in the aircrew then this one’s for you. Here you can get a great career. There are many kind of works you could do here like air hostess etc. Well you all have seen Alia Bhatt in badri ki dulhaniye yes it’s the same one.

Top Indian colleges:

4. Nutritionist and Dietician:

Yes probably one of the best sector to keep foot in . In case you are a fitness freak what can be a greater option than this. There are various courses available in india for getting fitness certifications . You can also earn a lot if you get into this profession.

Compulsory requirements to join this Courses :

You can take any stream in your class 12th, however, the science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is highly recommended, as it opens up a wider range of courses and career opportunities. Also, taking Biology as a subject will help you build a base through a focus on human physiology.

Top colleges with this course:

  • Lady Irwin College (New Delhi)
  • Institute of Home Economics, (New Delhi)
  • SNDT Women’s University (Mumbai)
  • Women’s Christian College (Chennai)
  • All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, Nirmala Niketan (Mumbai)

5. Hotel Management and Tourism:

I personally think this one as the best choice for a career. Hotel management can be done by people from any stream. Tourism is flourishing day by day in India as is the demand for people to work in this area.

You can go for any of the following degree.

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